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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Techniques

Orthopedic Massage and Pain Management

This technique was pioneered by James Waslaski, past chair of the AMTA National Sports Massage Education Council, and works to release complicated pain conditions immediately with permanent results. This therapy focuses on the whole body with emphasis on restoring pain-free range of motion throughout the body and integrating complete structural balance. The practitioner addresses chronic pain and other injury conditions with emphasis on understanding and correcting the causes and pathology of each specific condition. This dynamic therapy goes far beyond traditional clinical sports massage.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It aims to release the chornic paterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on contracted areas, either following or going across the fibers of the muscles, tendons, and fascia.

Myofascial Release

This therapy was developed in the 1970s and 1980s by Dr. Robert Ward, an osteopathic physician. It is a gentle blend of stretching and massage to promote healing and relieve pain. The word “myofascial” comes from “myo,” a Latin word that means muscle, and “fascia,” which means band. This technique eases pressure of the fibrous bands of connective tissue, or fascia, that encase muscles throughout the body.

Trigger Point Therapy

In trigger point therapy, the therapist locates and deactivates “trigger points,” which are often tender areas of the body. This treatment reduces spasm and induces new blood flow, enhancing oxygen supply to the affected area. The muscles are gently stretched to complete the relaxation process.


This method was developed in the 1830s by a Swedish doctor, Per Henrick Ling, and is effective for almost any condition, but especially to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, relieve back and neck pain, promote general relaxation, improve range of motion, and decrease stress. The technique of Swedish massage involves the application of long gliding strokes, friction, and kneading and tapping movements on the soft tissues of the body.

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage

Lomi Lomi massage has been practiced for thousands of years and is part of a philosophy known as Huna. It is a soothing, gently rocking, blissful release of tension, which uses long, continuous, flowing strokes to help release blocked energy in the body.

Hot Stone Therapy

This treatment involves the application of water-heated basalt stones of varying sizes to key points on the body, giving a deep massage and creating sensations of comfort and warmth. The direct heat relaxes muscles, expands blood vessels and aids in eliminating toxins from the body, and has a sedative effect on the nervous system.

Ancient Thai Massage – Nuad Bo-Rarn

This traditional technique from Thailand is a healing work that is practiced slowly in a meditative state of consciousness. Mobilization of the joints, stretching, and range of motion accomplished in a state of deep relaxation are emphasized. Nuad Bo-Rarn means ancient healing touch. This massage is done on a floor mat.

Chair Massage

Chair massage is available for your office, event, or for nonprofit fundraising. Employers may consider bringing Bill to their office as a benefit or reward for their employees to alleviate office-related physical symptoms such as muscle tightness and strain due to repetitive computer work.